i am somewhat like a cat – curious and attracted to shiny, new things. as an artist i feel the same attraction to new things but often i don’t find the time to explore those desires. as i look forward in my career and life i want to be able to evolve with my work, to go where the art takes me. as much as i direct it, it also directs me. over the past year i’ve been very attracted to watercolor. the indian student in me kept saying “i need to take a class” and the nidhi in me said, “just try it!” so i did – armed with what i know about art already, some good paint and some not-so-good brushes ^_^

these are my results, and the trio of framed pieces will be available at trickster in berkeley. (grand opening this friday & saturday)





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  1. Tharisi
    Tharisi says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I have been experimenting the last few months with watercolors- I am certainly not an artist like you but I find it relaxing to paint and draw. I would love to hear more about your experiences and what brush/paints/techniques work for you. please share 😉 and keep up the good work.

    • nidhi
      nidhi says:

      its so much fun to experiment! i’m the worst person to ask about material because i just use what i have (lots of leftovers from art school) and i really need to get more brushes, but the art store is always so confusing to me!


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