Protest coloring page

Get the coloring page here

I am listening. I am processing and thinking of ways I can help. Donating, calling, amplifying and making art.

I will never allow hate and fear to stop me. I will keep creating and sharing love. I will never stop resisting in my words, paintings and acts of kindness.

Keep creating, stay committed, stay fierce!

(neighbor)hood hunt

It’s been hard to get our kid out of the house. I made this neighborhood scavenger hunt to color and liven up our daily walks. So far, so good! You can find this and other coloring pages here.

India gate

We had a creative weekend and I had the chance to create a new coloring page available for free here. I will try to share more pages and activity sheets as we move forward. I will explore places and animals in each page.

I hope you have a good Monday!

Coloring pages and songs

I’ve added more free coloring pages to my site as well as roped my mother-in-law, Teacher Bernie, who has 40+ years of preschool experience into sharing some of her favorite songs on youtube! There are also some drawing demos there and I hope to add more in the coming days.

Providing resources to help folks who are now homeschooling makes me feel useful in this time.

And if you can, please shop to support or send $ to All my income loss is compounding.

Thank you!

Drawing demos and more

I want to share some resources for folks, like us, are going into at least 3 weeks of homeschool and isolation due to the pandemic. I also recorded a few drawing demos and a read aloud that are available on my youtube. I also added a free unicorn coloring page to my free downloads page.

In order to keep some kind of routine I’ve created a loose schedule for our weekdays:

Additionally, Kate Messner, an author and wonderful resource has compiled a long list of resources and videos to use while distance learning here.

I will try to post more as I can – we will need time to adjust to our new schedule and ascertain how much work we can actually accomplish.

Stay healthy, all!

We’ll come through this together.

Peninsula Comics Fest

This illustration, Library, is from 2011 when I was trying to figure out how to make a living from art while working part-time at the Menlo Park Library. It was the only job I was sad to leave. It reminded me daily how much I loved books and people of the book. It was also an important support as I ventured onto an unknown path. Even now, I still think of Menlo Park as my home library.

That’s why I’m very happy to participate in the 2020 Peninsula Comics Arts Fest! Returning to my home library as an author is a lovely gift. I am grateful for the home I found there and the support they still provide for authors and cartoonists.

I will be part of two events (but please check their full schedule, there are amazing folks coming through and wonderful workshops through the whole month!)

Saturday March 7

12 PM

Redwood City Library (downtown)

I will be presenting about my path to comics and the process of making comics

(Ryan North will be presenting at 1pm and the whole day will be packed with fun)

Monday March 9

6:30 PM

Menlo Park Library

Comic Artist Panel (moderating)


I hope to see you there!

coloring for charity

I’m happy to share a new coloring book put together by the SF Etsy community. Over 40 local artists donated pages to the book to raise funds for 3 charities – SF Safe House, Larkin Street Youth and SF Fire Toys program. I donated the page above and there are some more samples below.

Pre-order for $12 today and thank you for your support.

I hope you have a lovely week!

paint to resist + sale

My sleep is riddled with nightmares these days. When I wake, I shake my head because they’re rooted in reality. I look around and although I am safe, fed and loved; I question its permanence. The rise of hate makes me feel unsafe in my own skin. When I walk down the street I am wary of every person that I pass, reluctant to speak to strangers in a way that I’ve never been before. I feel worn down and so very tired. Unable to escape into my dreams, I take solace in my work.

Because I will never allow their hate and my fear to stop me. I will keep creating and sharing love. I will never stop resisting in every word, painting and act of kindness.

To paint is to resist.

Keep creating, stay committed, stay fierce!

We will get through this with love.

Download all free resistance posters here.

Also it’s the last few hours of our moving sale! Take 30% off your order with the code eclipse17.

write to resist

When I design these posters, I take many things into account. I enjoy drawing cute characters who have a place in the world without being objects of desire. I focus on their activities as well as their functional design. Here she has her hair tied back with a pencil tucked into it. Her back is curved, her head and gaze is focused on the typewriter keys and the page in front of her. She is wearing comfortable clothing without shoes, as most writers I know work from home. All of these components come together to convey her determination and dedication to her craft, to her cause.

To write is to resist. Download this and all the free resistance art here.

Keep writing, stay loud, stay fierce!

We will get through this with love.

music resists

Download the 8.5×11 page here and page 1 here, page 2 here, and page 3 here.

Our dedicated activist sings along with a folk singer she meets on her path!

These are free, downloadable coloring pages. This is how I resist – by telling stories and creating art. I hope this will be a tool to help parents and teachers talk about protesting, fighting the good fight and loving each other. Obviously there is no age limit – anyone can download and color these pages.

I do have a request – if you color this page, please take a photo and share it in the comments. I’d love to see it!

Thank you, always, for your support. We will get through this with love.