summer time

sf zinefest

I was thrilled to be asked to be the guest of honor for this year’s SF Zinefest. I designed the poster and tee and will have a table there along with amazing zine, comic and art makers. I hope to see you on September 2nd!

And my statement about the poster:

“In this design I wanted to capture my love for San Francisco and its inspirational qualities. The city is home, it’s where I’ve dreamt, written and created. I love the way a piece of art can convey two extremes. The cool outside and warm inside. For me the city is one of contrasts – alive yet steady, foggy and bright, vivid and subdued. From the first time I came to San Francisco, which was for a zine fest, until now, it never ceases to amaze me.”

moo friends


When I did the art for good challenge, many people sent ideas. My friend Briana, who owned Urban Bazaar in San Francisco (which was the first shop to carry my prints) asked me to draw a protester. She’s one of my favorite people, dedicated to good and a model for how to be intentional with your choices. When I got her request I decided to surprise her and drew her and her daughters protesting.

In turn, she surprised me by sharing her newest tattoo (!!!)

It’s my honor to do what I do and be surrounded by people like Briana. She lives far away now, but I’m so happy the distance hasn’t reduced our closeness – and this makes me feel even closer to her.

I hope you have a lovely day!

my lamb

star keeper

I’m going to attempt to do 1 hour speed paintings like this one a couple times a week as I work on Jukebox. If other projects come up, I may have to stop but for now I’m going to try!

disney weekend

Catch me for my last Disney appearance this Saturday and Sunday. Both days I will be at Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney from 11-1p and Rushing River in California Adventure from 2-4 performing live wood burnings. I hope to see you there!

ballo and billi

En la mañana

I had the pleasure of visiting Cuba this year and finally have a chance to capture some of what I saw in art.

I hope you have a lovely week.

our limitless love

This illustration is now available exclusively at Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery.

I will be there signing on July 21, 28 and 29 from 11-1pm. I will also be performing live wood burnings the last weekend at Rushin’ River Outfitters inside California Adventure from 2-5p.

If you can’t make it to Disney can take orders via email at:  or by telephone at: 877-560-6477.  Just let Mail Order know that you’re interested in the Nidhi Chanani artwork from WonderGround Gallery West and they would be happy to let you know if it’s currently available. Please be patient as they do take a bit to reply.