Another watercolor Wednesday, purchase info on my instagram ^_^

shelter from the storm



i am somewhat like a cat – curious and attracted to shiny, new things. as an artist i feel the same attraction to new things but often i don’t find the time to explore those desires. as i look forward in my career and life i want to be able to evolve with my work, to go where the art takes me. as much as i direct it, it also directs me. over the past year i’ve been very attracted to watercolor. the indian student in me kept saying “i need to take a class” and the nidhi in me said, “just try it!” so i did – armed with what i know about art already, some good paint and some not-so-good brushes ^_^

these are my results, and the trio of framed pieces will be available at trickster in berkeley. (grand opening this friday & saturday)





we can share


summer is calling

these friends of mine + solo show

this is a teaser from my upcoming solo show at rare device! i’m super excited about it – i will have limited edition illustrations and original wood burnings.

a brief description: “These Friends of Mine” explorations of our secret companions through whimsical, colorful illustrations and “Unraveled” intricate and playful wood burnings.

the opening reception will be on september 9th, hope to see you there!


get away

the right friends

music monsters

this is a banner i created for the sf bay area music blog the bay bridged.

monster and girl

not a lot of time for art today, so some quick illustrator images for practice 🙂