Rejection 27 and more

One of my many rejected comics from the New Yorker which I wrote about here.

Please join me to launch Super Boba Cafe at these upcoming events! Mrs Dalloways is at 2pm and Linden Tree is at 11am. Both will have boba! If you can’t make either but want a signed and personalized book, please pre-order from either shop.

Also my 2024 calendars are here! Order yours today, quantities are very limited.


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Rejection 25 + bay area events

Last week I finished painting my watercolor picture book and took one glorious day off. I thought about how I spend my time.

Over the past few months, between painting and life, there was little time for my New Yorker cartoon submissions. As the end of the year approaches, I questioned if I should continue. There are benefits from the many months of rejection – like learning to accept rejection and stronger cartooning skills.

Of course the best result would be seeing my cartoon in the New Yorker! But for now, the growth will have to suffice. I don’t want to stop but I know that I need to invest less time into them. I love trying new things – like watercolor, wood burning, and Hindi hand lettering.

For now, I will continue less frequently.

Because in five weeks my next middle grade graphic novel, Super Boba Café, releases! It will be busy!

First up are two launch events in the bay area – Mrs. Dalloways in Berkeley (please register to attend) on Oct 22nd and Linden Tree in Los Altos on Oct 28th. In November, I will be at Yallfest in South Carolina and the Texas Book Festival in Austin.

Kirkus, a professional book journal, shared a wonderful review of Super Boba Café here.

I am so excited it’s almost here!

More soon.

Language lessons

Travelogue Europe #1

Rejection 24 +ALA

My summer is definitely not slow!

This weekend I’m headed to the American Library Association’s (ALA) annual conference for my upcoming graphic novel, Super Boba Café. Recently someone asked why people already have copies of the book? Great question!

Ahead of publishing a new book, Advance Reader Copies (ARC) are released. For Super Boba Café they’re black and white copies (the final book is in full color) and key people like teachers, librarians, booksellers and influencers receive copies. At ALA’s annual conference, those folks receive free copies of ARCs to share with the readers in their lives. It creates great energy and buzz for upcoming books.

Super Boba Cafe marks my first PRINTED ARC. The 12 books prior were available as digital ARCs. It’s very exciting! If you’re attending ALA my events are below.

I will also be at the Rainbow Roundtable celebration for the Stonewall Awards because STRONG received a Stonewall honor. It will be a whirlwind of events and book love!

Hope to see you there!

Rejection 23

Rejection 22

One of my many rejected comics from the New Yorker which I wrote about here.

Rejection 21

One of my many rejected comics from the New Yorker which I wrote about here.

Rejection 18

My next SHARK PRINCESS book, SHARK PARTY releases on May 2nd. Join me on the 2nd to shell-abrate at Bel and Bunna Books in Lafayette. Come by at 4:30pm – every copy purchased will receive a free print (while supplies last).

I will also have an event in Atlanta at Little Shop of Stories (my first time in Atlanta!) on May 20th as well.

I will update my events calendar as things are confirmed. I’m excited to share SHARK PARTY so very soon!

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