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My last piece for the Epcot International Festival of Arts – available now!

Moana has a special place in my heart. It was the first Disney film we watched with our daughter. We observed a no screen rule until she was two. Ever since, except on sick days, we only allow tv/screen time on weekends. When she first watched Moana it was scary… limited media exposure made her appropriately sensitive. But she kept asking for Moana over and over again. It’s now a family favorite. Growing up we didn’t have the kind of access to media we do now and so we’ve seen Moana more than any other Disney film… ever.

Our daughter has a wonderful relationship with her grandma. So, although I was drawing Moana and grandma Tala, I tried to capture the relationship I observed between my own child and her grandma – one of gentle, playful attention. And this has become one of my favorite pieces.

I hope to see you in Florida next week!

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  1. Felicia
    Felicia says:

    My grandma passed away January 10, 2020. My family and I went to Florida for her services. The day after her funeral, my oldest sister and I went to Disney on a whim to cheer ourselves up. Your painting was the first one I saw in Epcot. I kept touching the print and clutched it to my chest as I cried thinking about her passing. I bought it on the spot. It was like she was with us in more ways than one. It is framed next to her cross and prayer card. Thank you for helping me with this. Do you still sell the print? I only found it in a small. If not, it’s ok. I am content with what I have. Thank you again.


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