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Hiya everyday lovers!

What a nice surprise to hit 2,000 fans on facebook! As a thank you, I am hosting a giveaway. Here are the ways you can enter to one of four prizes! I have two iphone skins from Kellokult, a signed book, or a print of your choice from my shop! You can get up to four entries (but only one winner per prize), here’s how:

1. Share my facebook fanpage on your facebook and leave a comment letting me know

2. Tweet (@nidhiart) your favorite print from my shop

3. Write a blog post about your favorite print or about my work and link back to this post or comment

4. Do all three of the above and receive a fourth entry (make sure to leave a comment!)

The giveaway begins today and ends Sunday August 28nd at 12 midnight, PST. I will choose the winners that night and post the winner the following day!

Thanks for all the love!

(this giveaway is international, open to all)

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  1. Dconeal 2002
    Dconeal 2002 says:

    I just love Nidhi art work.  It is so cute.  I have a lot of favorite prints but I would have to say my three favorite prints are; 1) Saves the Day, 2) Happy Hour – Butterfly Wonder, & 3) the one with the boy and girl walking down the path holding hands with birds flying around them.  It’s hard to put into words why I like Nidhi’s art work, but to put it simply, it’s simple and cute. When you look at her pictures, they seem to take you someplace.  A happy place!  Thanks Nidhi – keep up the good work.

  2. court clements
    court clements says:

    Just shared on Facebook.  What a great idea, and the perfect way to share you!  Your daily sketches brighten my days…you are a very special artist.  Thank you for sharing your work with us…

  3. Caucasian Curry
    Caucasian Curry says:

    I just re-shared your blog with my Facebook friends (although, most of my friends already know of you and have already purchased something!). I found your blog a few months ago while clicking through the blog ring in which I participate. I am married to a man from India and I have joined a ring (desi-link blogs) where ladies discuss their marriage/relationships with their Asian partners. I really love your work and every day I hope to see a piece that resembles my husband and I! It’s not every day that you see pictures of blond girls with Indian men! A few ladies have had you do a piece for them and I’d love to have one soon! I’m thinking I’ll hint around when it comes time for an anniversary! Keep the beautiful work coming… you’ve got lots of fan! 

  4. avrilofthelion
    avrilofthelion says:

    I shared on the facebook machine, mc tweeted, and super blogged! Please grant me my four wishes! ^__^

  5. Vasudha... :)
    Vasudha... :) says:

    Did all the three ! Please send something my way, you’ll make a girl really really really happy ! 🙂 All my love and luck to you Nidhi ! 🙂

  6. ellia hill
    ellia hill says:

    oh i was able to do 2 of 3… i’ll be sure to post on my blog for another chance 😉 i hope more folks join in on the fun- your artwork is incredibly happy!!!

  7. Alvina
    Alvina says:

    I posted a comment w/ the link to my blog where I posted about you and your art but it hasn’t shown up!  :(  (Please just click my name then!)

  8. Ashley Rallos
    Ashley Rallos says:

    In a weird coincidence, I wrote a blog post about you a few days before you announced the giveaway!  Can that count as entry even though it wasn’t for it?  If not that’s ok 🙂

  9. Stephanie Fong
    Stephanie Fong says:

    Just shared your FB page!

    You are such a talented an amazing artist! I was instantly drawn to your booth today at the SF J-Pop Festival and walked away with a set of postcards. I love the colors and stories the artwork depicts! If I brought more money, I would be tempted to buy everything!

  10. Vasudha... :)
    Vasudha... :) says:

    Just realised I did all the 3 even before you announced your Giveaway ! Please let that get me some extra points ! 😀

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