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swing swing


My Disney feature closes this weekend. I will be signingthis Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm at Wonderground Galleryin theDowntown DisneyDistrict.Parking fees apply.

Have a lovely weekend!

guan yin


The last piece in my bodhisattva commission series!

book news!


i am thrilled to announce that i will be working on a children’s book with author hugh howey. over the next few months i will be creating 32 illustrations for his lovely book about a cloud named misty.

it’s been nearly 4 years since i started working as an artist full-time, and for the first time i feel truly legit. i’m working on two books – pashmina, my graphic novel, and now this project with hugh. it feels like all the late nights, conventions and craft shows have brought me here and i feel happy.

in order to manage my book deadlines, i will be pulling back from my regular illustration posts – i will try to post one image a week, but can’t make any promises!

i hope you have a lovely week!

tupelo honey + more


i’m excited to share that you can now find everyday love prints & cards at space montrose in houston, tx and loakal in oakland, ca. also, therapy on valencia in san francisco carries our cards.

have a happy week! ^_^

breathe in




kapatid means sibling in tagalog. geographically (on land and in my heart) i feel close to many places and cultures and the philippines is one of them. when i heard about the typhoon and how many lives it effected, i found it very hard to sit among my comforts. i try to channel that discomfort into something positive – so i create art.

this is for the victims of the typhoon. if you’d like to purchase the print, 100% of the profit will be donated to Oxfam.

UPDATE: we rose $1,300 for the victims of the typhoon. thank you to everyone who purchased the print. we have now retired the print and it is no longer available.



hug o war


this week has been rough… we need more hugs and less violence. my love to family and friends in boston.

beneath the pale moonlight


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