ray of light


book dream believer

bookdreambelieverencouraged by a few folks, i submitted the above piece for the reading rainbow kickstarter calendar. you can vote for it only if you contributed to the kickstarter here.

i was also interviewed by monica lee on her wonderful blog, smart creative women. you can see it here.

have a wonderful day!

lotta love


Reading about the repeated violence makes it harder to see beauty through the horrible headlines. We must stop hurting the planet, the animals and each other. I have hope that we can arrive at a place where we see our time here as precious and treat the world and those around us with respect. I believe we can change. Because I believe we have a lot of love. If we can free ourselves to share that love – to release it into the world without reservation – perhaps we can arrive there soon.



also a few bits of news – i was featured on good day sacramento this past weekend ^_^ you can see the segment here

i am also featured in wedding nouveau magazine, which you can purchase here
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the cake tree


shooting stars

thank you so much for all the love and support this year. its been quite a wonderful experience to have the chance to meet many of you in person. i am baffled nearly every day at your kind words and sweetness… i never knew pursuing my dreams would be so… well, magical!

wishing you & yours a holiday full of hope, wonder and love ♥

sipping chocolate

patty cake + details

also – detailed images of my wood burnings are now up – click through to see them closer!