it takes love


i rarelytalk about it but i had a traumatic childhood. my family was dysfunctional and i was buried beneath layers of abuse. i blamed them, i blamed myself and i blamed the world.i was angry. i carried my anger with me everywhere and fought my way through my young adult life.

and then i found love.

it wasn’t easy. i was accustomedto fighting, so i fought the love. my love then (who is my love now) kept strong for years and showed me that our love was better. better than anger, better than pain, and full of brightness. i forgave my family. i stopped carrying that darkness with me and ever since my life has been lighter, warmer and simpler.

i am overwhelmed by the violence, fear and hate raging through our world. it would be easy for us to continue down the path of anger. retaliation. ragefeeds rage. the problems we have are not simple and the path to love isn’t easy. change isn’t easy. i knowfrom my own experience that love can heal. it can be as little as a kind gesture during your morning commute or volunteering your time. if we took a moment everyday to add love into our world maybe we could chip away at the anger. it won’t be easy all the time and it may take years.

but i believe a world full of love is worth the work and the wait.

saturday school – week 3


India has been in the news a lot recently, for things that are happening everywhere. Even reading and absorbing the information hurts and I find it hard to maintain the belief that we live in a beautiful world… Maybe I have a simplistic view of life but I often find simple things are true. Women are no less important than men. Violence will cause pain. We have an impact greater than we understand. All living creatures deserve respect.
I believe its time to overwhelm the news with positivity. We’re overdue.