independence day


Today is India’s independence day! This illustration is from 2011 (hard to believe!) which is around the same time that I was pitching Pashmina. Today I am finishing up the final step (copyediting) before sending over the entire book to my publisher – there will be minor changes along the way, but for all intents and purposes – I’m done!

And now I’ll start creating new illustrations – I have years of lovely moments that I can’t wait to draw ^_^

Happy, happy Monday!

a grand adventure


one of my favorite older illustrations – life is an adventure and i’m so happy to be on this journey with my hubbahubba ^_^

we lived by the ocean


we lived 1/2 block from the ocean. i remember sleeping and waking to the sound of fog horns next to you. i wanted to travel, live somewhere bigger and more exciting, i never thought i’d settle down… until i met you. because coming home to you is what i truly need.

night train

autumn breeze

a grand adventure

today feels like a grand adventure – life feels full of new places, friends and experiences. yay!