good housekeeping

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I am in this month’sGood Housekeeping magazine. In the almost 6 years I’ve been working as a full-time artist I’ve never been in print. I have been rejected countless times by blogs, magazines, stores, etc. At first it would really hurt. After awhile I got used to the rejection and took it as par for the course, because it is. My work isn’t the right fit for every store, every blog or every magazine. In fact my work has the funniest (to me) accusations of being: too colorful, too whimsical, too kid-friendly. I’ve worked hard to develop my own style (and I’m still learning every day) and I won’t change who I am or my work to fit into someone else’s idea of art.
After years creating original art (not fan art), learning how to make a living creating art that represents the underrepresented, failing, late night marketingemails, doubting myself CONSTANTLY, attending workshops, reading books on artistic process, approaching shops in person to carry my prints, being rejected, working, working working… yesterdayI walked into a bookstore and picked up a NATIONAL magazine with my work inside. I cannot put into words how this makes me feel. If you’re around a newsstand, please check it out ^_^
I hope you have a lovely weekend ^_^