house show


beneath the pale moonlight


ukulele song + comikaze


i will be exhibiting at comikaze in LA this weekend at booth 1025, hope to see you there!

have a great weekend ^_^

busby berkeley dreams

one of my favorite bands in high school was the magnetic fields and even today i love listening to their music. i contributed to a wonderful project called the 69 love songs, illustrated. this is my take on their song busby berkeley dreams, here are a few lines –

“I haven’t seen you in ages
But it’s not as bleak as it seems
We still dance on whirling stages
In my Busby Berkeley dreams”

saves the day

i love rediscovering bands. this past week i’ve been listening to saves the day in the car… and i can’t help but sing along.

winter songs

car dancing

tree songs

the sound of the banjo has been filling our house recently, and i’m loving it.

bird song