all together now


when i began my career as an artist and every day since, i’ve only set out to do one thing: make people happy. i believe that in a way, this is a political act. utilizing art to remind people (and myself) that outside of the bleak headlines, endless data and information overload that beauty is everywhere.

in the wake of the senseless violence in colorado and wisconsin, i find it hard to hold that in my mind and my heart. however, i feel that i have a responsibility to continue… and although my impact may be small, it is those small moments, actions and words that create hope and strength.

so today let’s take a moment to counteract the violence – send an email to an old friend, call your sister and tell her your love her, hug your co-worker – or something out of your ordinary routine to add warmth to your space.

because in the end, we all share the same space, breathe the same air… and now feels like a time we need to inject it with love.

dil se