honu necklace on sale


enjoy a special sale price on our popular honu turtle necklace! ends tomorrow.

a warm cup

girl holding warm drink inktober drawing by nidhi chanani

A warm cup – SOLD


Ocean kiss – SOLD

All original inktober drawings are available for purchase (including shipping) if you’re the first to contact me! They measure 2.5×3.5 inches on bristol board made with a combination of brush pen, color markers, gold paint and a little dash of colerase pencils. I will update the post with sold if they’re gone ^_^

first family vacation



seaturtle shaveice goodbyehawaii

we went on our first family vacation. it was equal parts rough and relaxing. traveling with baby was fine, but being hotel bound while baby napped with beautiful hawaii right outside the door was hard! i made the best of nap time by drawing (in the dark!) and even though we didn’t spend enough time in the pool or the ocean, it was hard to leave!



we’re super excited to share our newest laser-etched pendant based off one of my original wood burnings! honu is now available in our shop ^_^

have a happy weekend!

float up


secrets of the sea


deep blue



i’m so excited to go snorkeling in hawaii!


I was so happy to have ample time to draw today I went traditional. I really wanted to draw sea turtles after our Hawaii experience, so here they are! Pen, ink and gouache. Hope you have a great weekend!