finally found

Happy anniversary to my hubbahubba. I’m so very lucky I found you.

saturday school – week 4


saturday school – week 3


India has been in the news a lot recently, for things that are happening everywhere. Even reading and absorbing the information hurts and I find it hard to maintain the belief that we live in a beautiful world… Maybe I have a simplistic view of life but I often find simple things are true. Women are no less important than men. Violence will cause pain. We have an impact greater than we understand. All living creatures deserve respect.
I believe its time to overwhelm the news with positivity. We’re overdue.


saturday school – week 2


last week was truly a new experience. as soon as i posted i felt relieved but also incredibly unprepared. i spent some time researching hand lettering and realized i lacked the right tools… so i visited the art store.

also in conversation with friends this week, we talked about the limited amount of hindi calligraphy and fonts. the conversation made me even more excited to play and explore. one of the seeming limitations with hindi is the bar connecting the words. as i worked on this week’s lettering, i was thinking about how music flows and connects. so i decided to play with hindi and keep all the words connected with a single bar.

happy saturday!

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