Peninsula Comics Fest

This illustration, Library, is from 2011 when I was trying to figure out how to make a living from art while working part-time at the Menlo Park Library. It was the only job I was sad to leave. It reminded me daily how much I loved books and people of the book. It was also an important support as I ventured onto an unknown path. Even now, I still think of Menlo Park as my home library.

That’s why I’m very happy to participate in the 2020 Peninsula Comics Arts Fest! Returning to my home library as an author is a lovely gift. I am grateful for the home I found there and the support they still provide for authors and cartoonists.

I will be part of two events (but please check their full schedule, there are amazing folks coming through and wonderful workshops through the whole month!)

Saturday March 7

12 PM

Redwood City Library (downtown)

I will be presenting about my path to comics and the process of making comics

(Ryan North will be presenting at 1pm and the whole day will be packed with fun)

Monday March 9

6:30 PM

Menlo Park Library

Comic Artist Panel (moderating)


I hope to see you there!