stand for love

I pushed aside some work to make these free images. You can find them here.

I will keep making more through the week. Stay strong, stay loud and keep resisting.

With love,




i thought this week, along with many others, that our country would celebrate the first woman president. instead i have spent sleepless nights worried about a future full of open hatred. i wake up to stories of my fears realized – people attacking one another with their fists and words.

i also read stories about people bringing flowers to mosques, islamic centers and immigration non-profits. showing their solidarity and support. because we are suffering together.
we are immigrants, we are muslim, we are LGBT, we are differently abled, we are latino, we are ALL americans. and we are kind.
whatever comes next, we are in this together.



maya means love in nepali. i want to send loads of love to nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake. i know i can channel my sadness into art – so i created this piece.

this is for the nepali people. it will be available as a limited edition print through this sunday May 3rd with 100% of the profit going to mercy corps.

breathe in


hug o war


this week has been rough… we need more hugs and less violence. my love to family and friends in boston.

behind the scenes


the dalai lama




sound of sunshine