one by one


our weekends have been so full recently. friends, family, art and conversation… there are so many moments that i want to stop. to live in that beautiful minute. it passes by and i try my best to capture it later. walking through the golden gate park, a friend and i were caught in a slow flurry of cherry blossom petals. one by one they fell around us… it was something like this ^_^

the liberators


fall friends


sketching + vote



today is the last day to vote to send me to the white house! please vote and share capturing love!

thank you for all your support ^_^

we’re gonna be friends

central park

i have a lot of work right now so i will be posting less over the next few weeks. hopefully i will be back to a regular schedule soon!

meanwhile, i just added six canvas prints to my shop – a very limited quantity is available!

have a lovely weekend!

a sweet break

acoustic guitar


golden gate park