thank you

Thank you for your ideas, messages and support. There are still drawings available here. For awhile I thought I was bananas for committing to 100 drawings as my hands began to ache and I fought a headache all day. Your love pushed me through.

We’ve raised $3,600 thus far. Thank you for committing your support to help immigrant families.

Art matters, it’s light in the darkness.

Keep fighting, keep resisting.


Girl with pumpkin latte drawing

“Pumpkin spice latte” (SOLD)


“Three little pumpkins” (SOLD)

Every year in October, artists around the world participate in inktober. The idea is that artists work in ink and create a new drawing every day of October. For the past few years I’ve tried to participate but Pashmina always took precedence. This year I hope to complete all 31 drawings! Each drawing is 2.5×3.5 inches on bristol board made with a combination of brush pen, color markers, microns and a little dash of colerase pencils (I also do the initial drawing in color pencil before ink!)

I will be posting (hopefully) everyday. All original drawings are available for purchase for $30 (including shipping) if you’re the first to contact me! I will update the post with sold if they’re gone ^_^

Happy #Inktober!