Pre-tour reality

My launch event on Tuesday has changed location to the Lafayette public library. I will have print giveaways and some fun surprises (while supplies last) it should be a fintastic SHARK PARTY!

Also, pre-tour I wanted to share some behind the scenes reality. Shark Princess book 1 released last year in September. It did not do as well as I hoped. Any book takes years of work to make – from pitch, to writing, drawing and copy editing. It’s VERY hard to launch a new series without a tour. A series is successful because readers know and love the characters and want more of them. They can’t know them without marketing. It’s a partnership.

Marketing info for Shark Party on Edelweiss

At the first marketing meeting for Shark Party, no tour was mentioned. Again. I asked and was politely declined. Local events were offered. Which I took, of course! None of these are paid appearances. When Pashmina released years ago, a similar thing happened. I pushed back and asked if I could plan and *pay for* my own tour. I stayed with friends and family (thank you to those who hosted me!) and my publisher supported the tour by offering a publicist to book school visits and public events. Pashmina, my debut is the book I’m most known for – I believe that is partly because of the tour I fought for. It was also 6 years and a dozen books ago. I didn’t think I would have to revisit that kind of hustle.

But I am. My Shark Party tour is self-funded with the support of a wonderful independent publicist (who is paid by my publisher). I am paying for my flights, rental cars, lyft rides, will crash with friends and family and do my best to find cheap eats. It’s a strange to admit this – I feel like I’m sharing a big secret. But it’s only the truth. I am fortunate enough to have the ability to pay for this and thankful for a network of folks who will host me along the way.

I believe in Kitana and Mack. I love them. Even when parents tell me that showing a male shark who wants to be a princess is indoctrinating their kids (into what? sparkles and play is for every kid. Shannon Hale shared a thread about this exact thing yesterday), I remain committed. Publishing is a hard business and most major marketing plans are a calculated risk. I am investing in myself and taking that risk on.

So, if you’re in any of the places I’m visiting, I hope to see you there! I am ready to share my love of sharks, the ocean and reading with you.

Let’s party!

One week away

SHARK PARTY releases next week! I hope to see you at my launch event at Bel and Bunna books on May 2nd! There will be treats and fun giveaways.

I will be on the road for a few weeks with Shark Party events in California, Oregon, Texas, Arizona and my first trip to Georgia! I’m still hammering out details for my tour stops, so please check my events page for updates.

In Portland I will be joined by two of my favorite cartoonists, Aron and Jon and I can promise a lot of drawing fun!

I can’t wait to party with you!