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Phone cases (we’ve recently added iPhone 11 cases!) and of course my originals and sale items.

Thank you, always, for your support and I hope you have a happy and warm holiday season!

it takes love


i rarelytalk about it but i had a traumatic childhood. my family was dysfunctional and i was buried beneath layers of abuse. i blamed them, i blamed myself and i blamed the world.i was angry. i carried my anger with me everywhere and fought my way through my young adult life.

and then i found love.

it wasn’t easy. i was accustomedto fighting, so i fought the love. my love then (who is my love now) kept strong for years and showed me that our love was better. better than anger, better than pain, and full of brightness. i forgave my family. i stopped carrying that darkness with me and ever since my life has been lighter, warmer and simpler.

i am overwhelmed by the violence, fear and hate raging through our world. it would be easy for us to continue down the path of anger. retaliation. ragefeeds rage. the problems we have are not simple and the path to love isn’t easy. change isn’t easy. i knowfrom my own experience that love can heal. it can be as little as a kind gesture during your morning commute or volunteering your time. if we took a moment everyday to add love into our world maybe we could chip away at the anger. it won’t be easy all the time and it may take years.

but i believe a world full of love is worth the work and the wait.

some bunny + news


We are preparing to return to work in September and we have some exciting things to share! Our busy fall of events includes New York Comicon! Our first east coast show!

We have prints, cards, wood burnings and a few canvases available at a pop-up gallery at Pier 39.

Finally, we have updated our online shop with the limited edition giraffe tee and brooches from San Diego Comicon – quantities are very limited.

Have a happy weekend!

finding hope


sometimes the news is too much and it seems like hope is a creature we have to quest for… that was my thought as i drew this.

on another note, orders from our shop must be priority mail to arrive by xmas – the deadline is friday december 19th. after that there are always gift certificates! ^_^

two oceans


When my cousin called to ask me to draw something for her wedding save the date, I was surprised. My family has been very supportive of my career, but being asked to create art for them was a first. As she talked about her fiancé this image immediately popped into my head. I’m honored that I could be part of their special day in this way. ^_^

Meanwhile, the rough sketches for Misty were approved last week. I am now working on the color versions and will be balancing that and thumbnails for Pashmina. Therefore it might be a bit before I post again, but for good reason!

Also, if you missed it, there are still some originals available in my shop.

Have a great week! ^_^

tupelo honey + more


i’m excited to share that you can now find everyday love prints & cards at space montrose in houston, tx and loakal in oakland, ca. also, therapy on valencia in san francisco carries our cards.

have a happy week! ^_^

more blog love

i want to share a sweet write up by an old high school friend who writes a great blog about the wonderful things in life: love, food, and family. what more do you need? she does this super sweet regular post on fridays where she writes five things she loves about her hubby – in a culture where marriage jokes and ‘ball and chain’ stuff is the norm, it is so lovely to see that the little things do matter.

so, without further ado here’s her post!

and my favorite of her five for friday. because my hubbahubba kisses me on the head too, and it is one of my most favorite things!

oh, and another blog post, with some of my older work – its so wonderful that people are finding me! it just makes me so happy!



i was invited to be a featured artist on the anti-achievers website. they are a wonderful design firm based out of new york – check out my interview! i created this piece for them as part of the feature ^_^

contests, write ups, oh my!

it’s been an exciting week! i’ve entered a few contests:

threadless: finding friends

infectious: tree songs

and i’ve been popping up around the web, very sweet write ups by some folks on my work – it makes me so happy to know that my work makes people smile!

cuteness galore

drifting and dreaming with nidhi

and this post from the ukraine! scraps of emotion

here it is translated

that’s all for now – time to relax and rest ^_^