the high line

Book Expo was a wonderful whirlwind. I took the opportunity to walk to dinner and enjoy the city after a few interviews and my panel. I held a physical copy of Pashmina in my hands for the first time! Then I signed 100 advanced copies and was introduced as an author ^_^

I’ve been worried about not knowing what to do as a debut author and feeling generally lost. The trip alleviated many of my concerns. I know my worries are only temporarily silenced but while they are – I will embrace happiness.

new york bound!


we are so excited (and overwhelmed with preparations) that we’re headed to new york for new york comicon! it will be our first east coast show! if you’re planning on attending and would like us to bring specific prints, please let me know. we will be in artist alley, table E6 – can’t wait to see you there!!

back home we have exciting news as well! we’ve opened a one week pop-up shop at stonestown mall in san francisco! come by our kiosk across from gymboree this week to shop our selection – we hope to return for the holidays as well!


new cards + live watercoloring



We’ve updated the shop with a bunch of new cards! Which is your favorite? ^_^

Also, this Saturday I will have a pop-up at Wink SF and I will be doing some live watercoloring! Come by and say hello!



new york pizza


One of my recent commissions – it was so much fun!

lady liberty



grand central

grandcentralI will be exhibiting at APE this weekend in san francisco! come by and say hello – table 619. ^_^


after the storm



central park take two

part of drawing everyday means i make the choice, everyday, to create. i love it! i feel myself growing and changing through that process. i never run out of ideas or new things to try. i’m also my own worst critic, and i nitpick my drawings to no end… mostly in my head. when i created the central park image, i was trying new painting techniques and brushes in photoshop, i fell in love with the scene, the foliage, the light and shadow, but i rushed the characters. the original image is fine as it is, but i wasn’t happy with it. the characters felt like an afterthought, and i’ll admit that to some degree they were. so for the first time ever, i decided to go back, scrap the characters and try again.

at the end of that day, i can choose to leave well enough alone, or strive to make it better.
this is me choosing to make it better.

central park

i have a lot of work right now so i will be posting less over the next few weeks. hopefully i will be back to a regular schedule soon!

meanwhile, i just added six canvas prints to my shop – a very limited quantity is available!

have a lovely weekend!