237 steps


i studied french in high school and i always wanted to visit paris. four years ago i found some cheap tickets off-season and booked them on a whim. the hubbahubba came home to “we’re going to paris!” luckily, he’s used to my spontaneous and impulsive actions.

we were in paris for a week and visited sacre coeur. as we got closer we saw that there was a stairway to the top dome, but we had spent the whole day walking around and i was tired. he pushed me, and we climbed 237 steps to the top – the view was beautiful, the highest in all of paris. we were already informally engaged, and never saw the reason to make a big deal over engagement since it seemed like we simply belong together.

at the top of the dome he completely surprised me. he proposed (even though we were already engaged) because according to him, everyone deserves an engagement story… and now, we have one. ^_^