Mama mermaid

My daughter has all kinds of awesome nicknames for her papa and I had none… so I asked her to give me one. She came up with Mama Mermaid and I thought about that as I was drawing this.

I hope you’re all safe and well.

give what you want sale



We are surrounded by beauty; art has the power to showcase that. Art has an impact that’s immeasurable. Art is for everyone. Of course, artists need to earn and live a comfortable (not starving) life. However, I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy what we create.


I built my career by selling my personal work. I support myself almost entirely from work I want to do – versus work I am paid to do. This has liberated me to pursue what I truly love. As I explore my artistic freedom I think about access to art within our culture. Although my work is widely available digitally (facebook, blog, twitter, tumblr, instagram) only the people who can afford art can have it in their home. I want to challenge this idea of accessibility. I believe everyone should have something that makes them happy.

We piloted this sale last year and were surprised and humbled by the results. As long as our team can handle the demand we want to continue this annually.


For 24 hours (from 11a PDT September 17th until 11a September 18th) this print will be available to give what you want.

signing at disneyland ^_^


I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited for an artist showcase at Disneyland Wonderground Gallery June 21-22! Wonderground is part of Downtown Disney and doesn’t require a park ticket for entry therefore its free for all. The piece above, “Water Dance” will be one of the many prints I will have there. If you’re in Southern California, I hope to see you there! ^_^

Now, back to working on the books!

water dance