this is a commission i recently completed that made me smile. we have quite a few holiday shows coming up, our first one is one of my favorites – patchwork, this sunday in oakland. we also recently found 3 copies of everyday volume 1! get it before its gone ^_^ aside from that i’m pushing along on pashmina and don’t have much time for anything else.

hope you have a wonderful week ^_^


six years ago, my hubbahubba gave me one of the best presents of my life – our kitty uma. we adopted her from a local shelter, so when i was invited to participate in the east bay humane society art auction, i thought back on my first experience with adopting. we got her as a kitten, she barely slept and ran around day and night… but every once in awhile there were lovely moments of peace. ^_^

our lives feel more full of laughter and love because of uma. this is one of the pieces i’m contributing.

for more information about the event go here.