cinque terre


this year we used points and savings to take a dream trip to italy. the hubbahubba’s family traces back there. the highlight of the trip was our week in cinque terre – enjoying limoncello and the beautiful views. we went to a small town in the region that was his great grandmother’s home and i watched him have the experience of belonging that i had when i went to india as an adult. since then life has been busy but i’ve wanted to draw this for months. i’m so happy that i could complete this before the year’s end!

happy, happy new year ^_^

fly with me + etsy craft show

flywithmeWe will be vending at the Etsy Indie Emporium this weekend at Pier 35 in San Francisco. If you’re around come by to shop over 150 local artists for your holiday season.

I hope you have a happy holiday week!

princess pumpkin


happy thanksgiving!

a good year


i hope your holidays are full of love and warmth. may the new year be full of magic and many happy days.

i’ll be away for awhile and back in 2013 ^_^


my dear friend calls it chrismoose! and of course it made me think of a moose celebrating with his buddies!
happy holidays everyone ^_^

it’s beginning to look…


dashing through the snow


things are quite busy around here… i have a few big projects running simultaneously so i will be taking a break from posting everyday – but i will post when i can!  meanwhile, i hope to see you this weekend at bazaar bizarre!

have a lovely week ^_^

i got you


my first thanksgiving

this is a comic i created a little bit ago about my first ever american thanksgiving – happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope you have a wonderful weekend ^_^