Light in the dark


Ink for good continues. The money will be donated to the rent relief fund run by @theconsciouskid.

Measures 2.5×3.5 on bristol board made with a combination of sakura microns and kuretake watercolor brush pens.
Thank you for your support.

autumn glory

This is an illustration I’m happy to include in our 2020 calendar. I’ve added a bunch of new prints to our sale section at deep discounts, too!

And lastly, I am headed to Baltimore this weekend for NCTE. I have a packed schedule but if you’re there I hope we can connect.

Have a great week!

small friend – inktober 7


rainburst – inktober 4

This piece is available to mailing list folks first! I will do this periodically throughout the month. Sign up for my mailing list here.


kind dreams

As an independent artist I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts. I didn’t grow up with abundance, quite the contrary, and had an early distaste for our capitalist fascination with stuff. As I grow in my awareness and think about my footprint, I started to think about reaching for our dreams.

Our conversations about pursuing dreams often center around achieving a rich life. Not a life of balance or meaning (which isn’t to say that pursuing dreams must be imbalanced or devoid of meaning). I find meaning and happiness in my work. Balance has yet to come! But recently I thought about how we’re encouraged to dream BIG and BOLD. But… what if we were encouraged to dream KIND? To expand our personal dreams to be more? What if our dreams of success were for more than our individual selves. To decentralize the self and instead think of our dreams as ones that include others – to lift each other up and share visions of a beautiful, loving world.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful new way to dream?

warm kitty weather


All inktober 2018 drawings are available for purchase, $45 (including domestic shipping), if you’re the first to contact me. They measure 2.5×3.5 on bristol board made with a combination of sakura microns, gold paint, and a dash of marker. I will update the post when they’re gone!

cat basket


As I travel and am away from my drawing equipment more and more, I decided to invest in an ipad and apple pencil. I started to play with an app that tons of my artist friends have been raving about – procreate. Last night I discovered that it records the creation process! I’m sharing it here:

Tomorrow I will be speaking at St. Victors in San Jose with Gene Yang, if you’re around please join us.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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