flirty + wondercon


i am heading to southern california this weekend for wondercon, if you’re in the anaheim area please come by, my table is D-18. if you’re planning on stopping by and have print requests let me know, team everyday love will be printing tomorrow! this will be my last show for a long while – as i won’t be at san diego comicon this year. after a very busy season of work and work travel, i am happy that after this i will be still for a bit so i can focus on my books – which are more excruciating than i care to admit.

have a lovely week!

rush hour

going up

i also wanted to note that if you would like to order something from my shop, i will be shipping orders out through next friday, april 1st and not again until april 21st!

thanks and i hope you have a lovely weekend!



au natural

summer night

summer time

in the window


i had this up last week-but its more appropriate for this week’s theme! undone. back to work!