Books for Maui

Please check and bid on over 900 items donated to raise money for folks impacted by the fires in Maui. Loads of signed books and manuscript critiques. I’ve donated a set of most of my books, signed, worth $80.

Thank you for bidding and sharing.

The Rages

When I feel powerless, I draw. Sometimes I take a nap, too. Both are necessary. I admit that these past years have been fraught with terror and exhaustion. So I took necessary breaks and reduced the pressure on myself to constantly produce.

Last week I found the energy to channel my rage. I am full of rage. I cannot begin to speak about the hurtful decisions from our supreme court, gun violence and racism without seething rage. So I shut out the news and painted. The Rages emerged.


When I draw for good, I do not feel powerless. When I connect with my rage in this way, it feels good. It feels positive. Thank you for supporting it through the years.

Today at 11am PST each of these originals will be available to purchase here. There are only 8 available. I may add to them depending on time and energy. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to abortion and health advocate groups Afiya Center and Indigenous Women Rising.



maya means love in nepali. i want to send loads of love to nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake. i know i can channel my sadness into art – so i created this piece.

this is for the nepali people. it will be available as a limited edition print through this sunday May 3rd with 100% of the profit going to mercy corps.