mom’s love



I created some special watercolors for Mother’s Day! You can find purchase info on my Instagram ^_^

burning wood


i was recently commissioned to create two wood burnings for a new hospital in oakland. the last time i created commissioned wood burnings was in 2012 for paramount pictures. i was excited because i thought that many people would see the art – it was supposed to be used in a set on star trek into darkness. there are so many decisions, edits, creative calls that are made when constructing a film, i understood from the beginning it wasn’t a sure thing. i eagerly awaited the film’s release, sat in the theater and enjoyed the film, but whichever scene or set the art was procured for never appeared on screen.

i am happy though, that these pieces are headed to a new home, because i know many people will see them…

and after all, art is meant to be seen.

have a happy week! ^_^

born to be wild


I recently watched the documentary Blackfish and I highly recommend it. I love animals. I love animal videos, photos, art and of course, seeing their beauty in person. However, I do not believe we should capture them for that purpose. Dolphins, orcas, and other marine animals do not belong in tanks just as tigers, bears, and elephants do not belong in cages.

The best thing we can do in this world is leave it with more beauty, more love and more compassion. Refusing to support the industries that make animals into entertainment and profit is one small way to ensure that.

secrets of the sea

summer is calling

another league