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for your hair

daddy potty training

swing swing


My Disney feature closes this weekend. I will be signingthis Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm at Wonderground Galleryin theDowntown DisneyDistrict.Parking fees apply.

Have a lovely weekend!

first smile



I’m excited to share that I was invited to post my work on Bored Panda! ^_^


you’re going to be a good dad




also a few bits of news – i was featured on good day sacramento this past weekend ^_^ you can see the segment here

i am also featured in wedding nouveau magazine, which you can purchase here
have a great day!



when i was younger my dad told me that he worked with elephants in india. if we still lived there, i imagine we would commute to work like this… this is for my dad – happy birthday, papa!


today is my papa’s birthday! i was a very talkative kid (not much has changed) and i am sure there were hours and hours of him listening to me talk about anything and everything. happy birthday papa!