pyari kumari


I’m excited to share that I will be the artist-in-residence at Disney Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney® District this February. That means that every Friday and Saturday evening in February I will be live painting! More details are forthcoming, but I wanted to share it because I’m excited (and a little nervous, too – my first time watercoloring in front of people!)

Hope to see you then! As always, this watercolor original is available here.

rainbow umbrella



Another watercolor Wednesday, purchase info on my instagram ^_^

holi flour



I’ve been very inspired by comic artists recently. I love both the comic artists who take their time to create amazing full-color works and those who do quick day-of thoughts! I’ve been focused on Pashmina, producing 10-12 thumb nailed pages a week, so I created this comic in a free 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy it and happy holi! ^_^



another image from my solo show! have a great weekend!


for the fourth of july we hiked up to tank hill park and watched the fireworks with our friends.

it was beautiful.

a ride to remember

have a great weekend!

fall time

it’s my favorite time of year. i think what i love the most is how everything you do seems sweeter, cuddlier and full of love.