warming up

cocoa and cookies

cooaandcookies happy holidays, everyday lovers!

fly with me + etsy craft show

flywithmeWe will be vending at the Etsy Indie Emporium this weekend at Pier 35 in San Francisco. If you’re around come by to shop over 150 local artists for your holiday season.

I hope you have a happy holiday week!

my hero




fall walk


i believe i can fly + APE


i will be exhibiting this weekend at Alternative Press Expo (APE) in san francisco with my friend christina jose! if you’re around, come by and say hello at table 839 ^_^

also i will be hosting a workshop on sunday at 2:30 “The Independent Artists’ Survival Guide.  Hard work and talent will only get you so far as a professional artist.  Nidhi Chanani will tell you how to balance a freelancer’s lifestyle—and income—in the contemporary art and comics scene.”



sipping chocolate


i’m still on break but i wanted to re-share some of my favorite images. ^_^ my mother-in-law and i were talking about this hot cocoa called sipping chocolate once last year… a few days later i created this illustration.

there are days when i am truly happy with an image and this is definitely one of them – i love the play of small and large, the steam coming off the mug and the look the bear and girl are exchanging. there is so much story here – but there’s also story that the viewer can add. it’s one of the things i love the most about art.

i can create this illustration, but you can create the rest. what do you think happens next?

i got you