little light


I created this entirely in photoshop in 30 minutes – I usually do the base drawing in flash. I wanted to explore painting on just one layer but old habits die hard! I ended up with 12 layers but that’s a big change for me.

I woke up with this image in my mind because I felt a bit crushed by the news… it feels as though all we have is a little light – but hopefully that’s enough to grow out of these shadows.



crissy field

oregon trail

oregontrail copy

the liberators


midnight in paris + more


team everyday love will be at two shows this weekend (yikes)! APE in san francisco and the pumpkin festival in half moon bay – hope to see you at one ^_^ i will be taking a few days off after to recover… back sometime next week!

we met in college (anniversary week)


this week’s drawings will be a celebration and gift for my hubbahubba.

we have been married for three years and together for ten years. we met in college and quickly became best friends. through the years we’ve been through many things together. from miserable minimum wage jobs to unbearable sadness, to celebrations and explorations of the world, from beach side to city – showing each other the worst side of ourselves… and the best. i’ll never know who i’d be without him but i do know that the person i am today is because of his love.

for my best friend, happy anniversary. i can’t wait for another decade full of love with you.

never let me go


i’m going to post a little less for awhile so that i can focus on some larger projects – i’ll still post a few times a week, but not everyday ^_^

the bay bridge