It’s a little wild around here!

I am excited to share some good news – my picture book deal with Viking Children’s books has been announced. WHAT WILL MY STORY BE? will be my debut as a picture book author AND illustrator. I cannot wait to share this story about fostering creativity and storytelling in a young brown girl’s world and the importances of chosen families. 2021 cannot come soon enough (for multiple reasons!)

Also, I wanted to share my podcast conversation with my former art teacher and amazing artist, John Wentz. If you want to hear about my early career pursuing a stubborn dream with zero skills and connections, have a listen.

Stay safe and well, everyone!

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SF public library Thursday!

I’m working away on things I can’t share yet – but here’s a sneak peek!

I will be presenting about my path to art and comics at the San Francisco Public Library, Noe Valley branch this Thursday from 4-5pm as part of their women’s history month events. I hope to see you there!

Have a great week!

cat basket


As I travel and am away from my drawing equipment more and more, I decided to invest in an ipad and apple pencil. I started to play with an app that tons of my artist friends have been raving about – procreate. Last night I discovered that it records the creation process! I’m sharing it here:

Tomorrow I will be speaking at St. Victors in San Jose with Gene Yang, if you’re around please join us.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

the flow

An artist career is one that cannot be charted or replicated – it has its own flow. As I sat down to draw today I remembered deciding years ago to reduce my daily drawings to weekly. I was nervous that it would impact my income and that I would lose the audience I had worked so hard to build. Stopping was necessary though – I needed to complete Pashmina.

I went from producing a finished illustration 4-5 times a week to once a week. I posted older images to keep connecting with people, but as Pashmina took my focus I reduced those posts as well. Now I find myself unconcerned with this irregularity. My career has flowed into new territory.

No longer do I attempt to create daily illustrations – often times I sacrificed the quality of the image for quantity. Pashmina is done and I’ve begun thumbnailing my second book, Jukebox. It demands my focus as well. I may not be creating illustrations every day, but I am creating daily. The opportunity to create longer narratives – to make books – is one I’ve dreamt of since I was little. Both disciplines are worthwhile – but for now, my heart is in comics. I will be traveling throughout the year to promote Pashmina – in April I’ll be at the Cleveland Museum of Art and in Juneau for the Alaska Mini Con. The opportunities to create illustrations in addition to my other projects and travel will be minimal.

But somedays, like today, I miss my daily drawings. So I stop. I draw. And I continue to follow the flow.

sweater squirrel

sweater squirrel by nidhi chanani

SOLD! They measure 2.5×3.5 inches on bristol board made with a combination of brush pen, color markers, microns and a little dash of colerase pencils. I will update the post with sold if they’re gone ^_^

Disney art giveaway!


To celebrate completing my book, I’m giving away three of my WonderGround Disney prints (one Lion King print, titled No worries, one Lilo and Stitch print, titled Hawaiian Roller Coaster, and one Aladdin print, titled New World). There will be THREE lucky winners!

Please follow the rules to enter. Incorrect postings will not be entered.
Rules to enter this giveaway

Facebook – If you haven’t already, follow my page so I will be able to see your post. Repost this exact image from my facebook page. Tag my page in the post and include the hashtag #noworries OR #hawaiianrollercoaster OR #newworld to indicate which print you want should you win.

Instagram – Follow my account nidhiart. Find the image above in my feed and re-post it.  Include the hashtag #everydayloveartgiveaway so I will be able to see it. Also include the hashtag #noworries OR #hawaiianrollercoaster OR #newworld to let me know which print you want should you win. Your account must be public in order to participate in the giveaway.

I will also include some additional prints and cards for each winner!
Contest closes at midnight (Pacific Time Zone) on August 24th. Winners will be announced on Thursday August 25th. Prizes ship to U.S addresses ONLY, no exceptions.
Winners must claim their prize within 2 days, failure to do so forfeits claim to the prize and a new winner(s) will be chosen.

Interested in purchasing the prints? You can find them at the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disneyland. You can also you can purchase the pieces via email at: or by telephone at: 877-560-6477. Just let Mail Order know that they are interested in the Nidhi Chanani Disney artwork from WonderGround Gallery West and they would be happy to let you know if the items are currently available.

the white house

13177129_1092018100840325_5635508427522600101_n I am thrilledto be among the Asian American Pacific Islanderartists on display at the White House.My illustration,Champions of Change will be on view for the month of May. They asked me to write a bit about the piece, and this is what is printed beside it. “When I was honored as a White House Champion of Change in 2012, I thought about the ultimate champions – President Obama and the First Lady. They inspire me not only with their steadfast commitment to change, but also (and perhaps more importantly) with their love for each other and this country. As I thought of them, I imagined them climbing a giant tree with champagne and music and sharing a dance.” – Nidhi Chanani championsofchange

i’m an artist and i deserve credit


i create artwork to make people happy. i share that work on social media and i always include my website or name (or both) on my work.

i spent the past five years building my career. i spent my entire life acquiring an understanding of light, color, composition and rhythm – components that i believe make my work unique. each illustration i create has drawn upon these hours, days and weeks of practice. my illustrations are inspired by my life. each piece is a peek into a moment, a memory or my imagination. my artwork is an extension of who i am.

recently my work went “viral” and dozens of websites and facebook pages shared my everyday love with captions added (side note, i do not allow any modification of my artwork under my copyright, including adding captions). in the beginning, my name and website were shared along with the pieces. slowly but surely, as my work was re-shared, my name and website were dropped. in fact many of the posts intentionally cropped my work to remove my name from the bottom! these sites use my work to promote their own brands without citing the source. i LOVE that thousands of people enjoy my work and feel a connection to it – but i do not appreciate my artwork being shared without my name or a link to my site.

here’s just one screen shot (there are countless others):

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.06.06 AM

i created the art and i deserve credit.

everyday love art is our family business. we built it through years of support and sacrifice. i love creating art and we love sending our cards and prints around the world. i need to make and sell art to continue creating. i do not need to spend time writing posts like these, chasing copyright violations and worrying about it. i encourage you to report any posts that shares artwork without credit, whether its mine or another artist’s. that’s the proper, respectful thing to do.

i hope that assigning proper credit will become the new web standard. then i can focus solely on creating artwork to make people happy – that’s all i’ve ever wanted to do.

lessons i learned from music #1


this is a very rough page from my journal, i use it to work out a lot of my stress… it really helps sometimes to write and draw it out ^_^

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