i’m an artist and i deserve credit


i create artwork to make people happy. i share that work on social media and i always include my website or name (or both) on my work.

i spent the past five years building my career. i spent my entire life acquiring an understanding of light, color, composition and rhythm – components that i believe make my work unique. each illustration i create has drawn upon these hours, days and weeks of practice. my illustrations are inspired by my life. each piece is a peek into a moment, a memory or my imagination. my artwork is an extension of who i am.

recently my work went “viral” and dozens of websites and facebook pages shared my everyday love with captions added (side note, i do not allow any modification of my artwork under my copyright, including adding captions). in the beginning, my name and website were shared along with the pieces. slowly but surely, as my work was re-shared, my name and website were dropped. in fact many of the posts intentionally cropped my work to remove my name from the bottom! these sites use my work to promote their own brands without citing the source. i LOVE that thousands of people enjoy my work and feel a connection to it – but i do not appreciate my artwork being shared without my name or a link to my site.

here’s just one screen shot (there are countless others):

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.06.06 AM

i created the art and i deserve credit.

everyday love art is our family business. we built it through years of support and sacrifice. i love creating art and we love sending our cards and prints around the world. i need to make and sell art to continue creating. i do not need to spend time writing posts like these, chasing copyright violations and worrying about it. i encourage you to report any posts that shares artwork without credit, whether its mine or another artist’s. that’s the proper, respectful thing to do.

i hope that assigning proper credit will become the new web standard. then i can focus solely on creating artwork to make people happy – that’s all i’ve ever wanted to do.

a letter from nidhi



first of all, i want to say thank you. thank you for sharing, posting, commenting on, purchasing and ultimately liking my work. sometimes i find it hard to believe how much love and support i’ve received through emails, messages, and comments in a mere three years. so thank you. truly!

i understand that when i complete and post an illustration online, its not mine anymore. i’ve given it to you. as i give it to you, though, i do ask that you take care of it. the question of how to care for, share and support my work has come up a lot recently. here are the best and “approved” ways of using and sharing my work:

1. sharing it on facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, or any social media with proper credit and link (it should look like this: image by Nidhi Chanani,

2. using it as a personal profile photo with proper credit and link

3. sharing via email with proper credit and link

when someone shares my work without credit, it stinks! removing my name from my work is like erasing my identity. when someone prints or prints and distributes my work from the web, it is illegal. the only person who can print and distribute my work is me. i try to make my work accessible and affordable. and, honestly, the only way i can continue creating art is through your support.. and that’s all that i’ve ever wanted, to continue to create everyday and make people happy.

thank you, again, for your support… i’ve been out sick with the flu and i hope to be back sometime next week!