I love the world of imagination because it makes all those impossibilities, possible. 🙂 I quicky colored this, as I am trying to color most everything I illustrate now 🙂


This is from my sketchbook… I didn’t have time to ink it between school work and getting sick (boo!)… enjoy!


if it wasn’t for nick i wouldn’t have thought of the perfect subject for the topic poise: a kitty!

update: i did a quick digital color on saturday morning, now its time to do my taxes!


My original thought for this was a complex dress or outfit, but I didn’t have time to do that. I asked Nick the first words he thought of when he heard “intricate” and one of them was coding (because he’s a web guy) and I thought, binary! Now *that’s* intricate. 🙂 So there we have it! I hardly draw the backside of characters so I had some nice growth opportunities too.


I guess I got carried away, but it was fun.