My original thought for this was a complex dress or outfit, but I didn’t have time to do that. I asked Nick the first words he thought of when he heard “intricate” and one of them was coding (because he’s a web guy) and I thought, binary! Now *that’s* intricate. 🙂 So there we have it! I hardly draw the backside of characters so I had some nice growth opportunities too.

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  1. Cassie Grace
    Cassie Grace says:

    My husband is techgeek/ programmer, so your image made me smile. Sometimes when he’s workin on stuff, he shows me all the code and I just nod, smile and say looks great honey! I love your line work and simplicity of the image, even thought the topic is intricate, your image didn’t have to be complicated and super stuffed with pattern like some of the others I’ve seen. Love it… golly i’m rambling. so cool. I look forward to your next IF!

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