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I’m angry. The fight against immigrant camps is much more than keeping families together – it’s become an inhumane, cruel and wicked reality that I wish wasn’t real.

I purchased postcards and prints at Disney to auction. This is the only place you can buy my signed Disney artwork. I will auction a new item every day until Sunday. It will only be available on the blog so please check back. The money will be donated to RAICES, an organization that’s bailing out families, as that seems to be the only way to help.

I don’t have much more to write – I want to write something uplifting but I’m crushed by the news every time I read it. Figuring out ways I can help is my only option because I just want to close my eyes and hide but apathy is a privilege.

If you have a minute please fill out this form and inform your representatives that you don’t support the raids and ICE. Thank you.


Open to US only.

Each item will be sign and can be customized with names.

Bid by commenting on this post. No limits on number of times a person can bid.

Auction will end at 12 midnight, pacific time the day of the post.

I will email the winner with a paypal request, once paid I will ship to address provided.

All funds will be donated.

Let’s start!

Set of 4 postcards, signed, customization available.

Starting big $20

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