cat & tyler


i believe what makes any work compelling is that it comes from the heart.

earlier this year i stopped accepting commissions. partly because i was overwhelmed by the requests and partly because it became increasingly difficult for me to draw people i didn’t know. i love drawing, but one of the reasons i love my job is because i create from me – my imagination, my experiences, my relationships.

so when friends ask me to draw them, its always a treat… because when you draw someone, its like falling in love with them. even someone you’ve known for a long time – you fall in love with their posture, the various shades of color in their hair, the way that the light catches their smile… all of their details.

for my friends cat & tyler, may your love always grow.
happy anniversary!

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  1. Divya
    Divya says:

    What you said is so true. 🙂 Creating for you. To make you happy.

    I just stumbled upon this today and I love your work. It is innocent, colorful, relatable and most impotently- happy!

    Wish you expand to the Indian market. Shipping prices are too heavy on my pocket.

    Till then, I’ll look, not touch. 🙂


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