under drawing



i begin each illustration with an under drawing, like the one above. simple, clean lines. the final changes in small ways, but the line drawing is where i make the most mistakes and… play! i play with composition, storytelling, and focal point. when i bring the completed flat file into photoshop i begin to play with light, texture and mood. at each stage there are new challenges, and new elements are introduced.

but, what i love about illustration is that at each stage, that original line grows in form and shape… and, i fall in love with the image even more.

i’m still on break for a bit, but hopefully back soonish!

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  1. Nat
    Nat says:

    Really enjoyed this post. Admire your work so it’s fun to see how things got started and how it got put together. Hope to see more of your behind the scenes and thought process. Keep it up!


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