what’s in your tiffin?

in urban india your lunch is packed into a tiffin, and through a complex maze of people it is taken from your home and delivered to you at your work. the tiffin delivery people have to always be one step ahead to make sure everything is as planned so you get your lunch on time! what’s in your tiffin?

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  1. XuanThu
    XuanThu says:

    The tone, color, and subject work very well together. This reminds me of M.Sasek. It’s adorable. Keep these coming! What’s in my tiffin? Moti chur ladoo!

  2. Charita
    Charita says:

    Beautifully done, really love the soft colors! Reminds me of watching tiffinwallas when I was younger! May I share it on my blog?

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