diwali hai!

Each year when I begin inktober, I’m nervous and excited. I worry about my ability to complete the month, that it’ll reveal my weak art skills, and that no one will buy them. Yet, each time I sit down to draw, I love playing with new materials and the surprises that result in the attempt. My worries are quieted when I finish a drawing.

Upon completing the above, I proudly declared, “I’m going to sell this for $100!” My family quickly agreed. I’m still learning how to value my work.

Diwali is my favorite holiday. I love the food, celebrating with my chosen family and the beauty of a home lit by diyas. It is the opportunity to usher in the good and remove evil. The past few years felt like swimming in negativity. As protests rage across the globe, I’m aware that many cannot celebrate.

So to mark this new year, I’m using this inktober as an opportunity to share good and spread light. I am auctioning it here. Bids close tomorrow, October 28 at 9pm PST. All proceeds will be donated to CHINAR (Child Nurture and Relief Kashmir).

Thank you and happy Diwali!

starting with love

I painted this watercolor on New Year’s Eve… which has never meant much to me but it’s always nice to have a break. I’ve been reconnecting with my sketchbook, which has been lovely.

Happy new year!

floating into the new year


what it takes


happy new year!

dragon tea

diwali tree


happy diwali everyone! i hope your day shines and that your year is full of love and giggles. ^_^

festival of lights

one of my utmost favorite things about diwali was placing tealights all around.

it was like transforming your world for one night…


at a certain point in the year, i start getting excited about diwali. it’s right around my birthday too, so the celebrations seem to multiply. that’s what i was thinking about when i sat down to draw this morning.

hope you have a great day!

happy holidays

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