sea of stars


making wishes


this one is for my dear friend and part of team everyday love, donna – happy happy birthday! ^_^

the cake tree


the collector


what dreams may come


in my early twenties i didn’t know what i wanted to do or where i wanted to go with my life. i tried on careers like dresses, seeing which one fit right. one of the times i remember quite clearly was when i decided to become a nurse – it was less school than becoming a doctor and i could help people. i researched what i would need to do and felt incredibly excited when i presented it to the hubbahubba. he was, as always, incredibly supportive, but gently asked me if my squeamish-ness around blood might negatively effect my wonderful new career path.

and that was my short-lived nursing career.

the world is amazing and beautiful, there are so many paths and options… i feel like everyday is brimming with potential. embarking on these explorations together (whether they are successful or not) makes everything enjoyable.

these past ten years have been full of so much magic, and i simply cannot wait to see what lies ahead, with him.

p.s. thank you to everyone for the sweet messages and joining me in this celebration of our love. ^_^ i’ll be taking a few days off and back to my regular stealth mode posting next week ^_^

everything changed


take me there


patty cake + details

also – detailed images of my wood burnings are now up – click through to see them closer!

coming home

i will be at selling my prints and more at JPOP here in the city this weekend, if you’re around stop by and say hello!

i hope you have a lovely weekend!