Rejection #2

Rejection #2! This is one of my many rejections from the New Yorker which I wrote about here.

Thank you all for your kind words after the above post! It makes me feel a little less vulnerable sharing my failures to know that so many folks are cheering me on. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

pumpkin playtime


Pumpkin Playtime SOLD

I will be vending at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival this weekend! If you’re in the bay area it’s a wonderful seasonal show that features lots of vendors, pumpkin gifts and treats and is a great event for the whole family. Hope to see you there!

Inktobers from the weekend:


Apple season – SOLD


Noodle soup – SOLD


Hot apple cider – SOLD

grandma day

grandma today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. she’s an incredible person. she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt – even if they’re obviously wrong. i’ve learned so much by observing who she is, how she accepts people and her positive attitude. being part of her family feels like a gift. she’s aretired pre-school teacher.she has hundreds of songs memorized, knowledge about great books and activities to do with children and an open, loving heart. when our baby spends time with her we joke that it’s pre pre-school. i’m so happy that her influence is all around. happy birthday, grandma! <3

family nap


hooray for cats



Purchase info for my watercolor Wednesdays can always be found on myinstagram!



this is a commission i recently completed that made me smile. we have quite a few holiday shows coming up, our first one is one of my favorites – patchwork, this sunday in oakland. we also recently found 3 copies of everyday volume 1! get it before its gone ^_^ aside from that i’m pushing along on pashmina and don’t have much time for anything else.

hope you have a wonderful week ^_^

morning kiss + commissions


i am happy to announce that commissions are now open! i have a page with detailed information, if you are interested in a custom piece i ask that you read the entire page before contacting me.

happy monday!

love attack



this is an older image, but i still love it. happy v-day! ^_^

wookin’ pa nub


one of the first things the hubbahubba and i did together was create comics. we explored our creativity, and my goofy and loud side emerged. if i live to love, i also live to laugh. one of my absolute favorite things about him is that he gets me – he knows when i say something that seems serious, that its also funny and… he laughs, which in turn, makes me laugh. i’ve never met anyone who can make me laugh as much, at even the serious stuff.

this is a mini comic that he wrote and i drew. he doesn’t know i devoted time to creating this because i’m always too busy to work on our stuff. so, this one is for you. ^_^

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