Custom Illustrations

Custom Illustration Status: LIMITED AVAILABILITY

If you are interested in a custom illustration I ask that you read this page in its entirety.

This page provides detailed information on how to place an order for a custom illustration.

What is custom artwork?

A custom illustration is an agreement between the artist and a private party (you) to create artwork based on your requests. Typically people ask for custom work of themselves and their spouse, family members, friends or children.

Examples of past standard custom illustrations

What is the price?

The base price for a standard custom illustration is $1,500. The base price includes one to two figures (child, adult, or animal) and a simple background. A simple background is a cloudy sky, a starry night sky or a single-color background (examples above). The price includes the initial two sketches and final piece as a high resolution JPG file that you can print in any size. The price reflects the cost of my time for emails, artwork, and revisions.

The high resolution JPG is for personal use only. You may use it to create wedding cards, save the dates, and any other personal use. You cannot produce and sell the drawing.

I will also send you a low resolution, watermarked version that you are welcome to post online and share. I reserve the right to use the low resolution version as an example of my work but will not use or sell it elsewhere.

If you are interested in a lower cost illustration, you can purchase a simple custom illustration (without a background) here (subject to availability).

If you want additional figures or a complex background, the cost increases. Please keep in mind that my schedule may not always allow taking on very complex requests.

Complex illustrations (time-permitting)

What is the process?

You email me with your request, describing it as simply as possible. Once I confirm your custom illustration slot I will reply with a start date at which time you will pay a non-refundable deposit of $100. The deposit ensures your spot and solidifies our mutual commitment to the project.

Do not send me photos without a confirmation of a custom illustration slot.

When your time slot comes up, I will request reference photos and ask any additional questions. From there, I will create two sketches based on your requests. I will email those sketches to you. At that point you can make changes or suggestions – this is the stage where the most changes can be made – for instance the position of people, clothing type or hairstyle (first round of revisions). I will make the sketch changes and email those to you.

Once the sketch is approved I will move to color. After I complete the color version, I will send you a low-res file of the illustration. You can make changes at this stage but only minor changes, mostly colors (second round). I will make any changes needed at this stage and then we’re done! I will request full payment at this time and once received, I will email you the final illustration as a high-resolution file. The custom illustration price DOES NOT include a print. You can print it on canvas, giclee, or whatever you want (there are many options online at places like printsonwood, zazzle, etc).

The whole process should take 1-2 weeks. If you take a while to come back with revisions, of course, the process can take longer.

How many custom illustrations will you do?

I will open a small number of custom illustration slots each year. That number is subject to change depending on my other work commitments. If you are interested in a custom illustration but the status is CLOSED I can place you on a waiting list – there is no guarantee that I will get to your request, but if I have time I will contact you.

Please follow these instructions for waiting list placement:

Email Subject: [Your name] Waiting list request
Message: In your message tell me if you’re interested in the standard two figure custom illustration OR if you’re interested in more, please BRIEFLY describe it.

I will email you a confirmation of your placement on the waiting list and your waiting list number.

Please bear with me through this process. It may take up to a week to hear back from me if the demand is high.

Thank you for considering a custom illustration! Please email me to request yours!