an artist’s life

I want to believe that my thoughts are these cute, encouraging creatures. Ones that push me to create and succeed. But I know they’re a bit more sinister.

My thoughts have been racing as I learn about publishing and being an author. As an illustrator I was protected from the constant reviews, awards and opportunities that are either had or not. The insecurities around other authors. The scrutiny of my work, my words and my choices. I fight myself and my thoughts to keep creating.

Because I want to believe in this vision of an artist’s life. That it’s full of love, color and hope. I want to believe that for our country, our world as well.

So I focus on the things I can control – making good art and good stories. And I live with my cute, sinister thoughts and try not to let them swallow me whole.

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the good fight


In the wake of this week’s election, I’ve been thinking about how I can actively give back. We have set up a donation request form – if your school or organization is looking for donations of art prints, you can submit your request here.

I hope your weekend is full of love <3

rainbow umbrella



Another watercolor Wednesday, purchase info on my instagram ^_^



happy pride weekend everyone! ^_^

saturday school – week 12


One of the fun parts of saturday school is deciding what phrase I am going to write. Working on it with my mom entails emails going back and forth all week. The first thing we determine is if the phrase works in both languages – there are phrases I want to write but they translate weird, so my mom will present a variation that makes sense in Hindi but it reads weird in English. Many phrases get tossed for that reason.

My favorite part is what I like to call the “cheeseometer” we send each other phrases and throw out a lot because they’re just too cheesy. I am usually at fault because I love cute, simple things. This week’s phrase was one my mom proposed and I immediately loved it ^_^

Happy Saturday!

(more about saturday school here)

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