Soft tail

I’m regularly battling the exhaustion of work, life and the absence of normalcy. But as time marches forward I find small joys in nature and continue connecting through my work. I am participating in a free virtual author panel with Tandem Bay Area in a couple weeks. Please join if you’re interested!

Also, my debut written and illustrated book, WHAT WILL MY STORY BE, will now release on November 30th due to supply chain disruptions. Please pre-order it as well as other books because it seems these delays will continue through the holiday season.

I hope you’re finding small joys in your days.

2016 calendar pre-order


we are super excited to release the pre-order for our limited edition 2016 calendar!

it’s been a busy october! we’ve gone to new york, 2 weddings (all with our 3-month old!) and launched a week long pop-up at the mall! my work was also featured on the huffington post! it’s been exciting and overwhelming (in the best way)… we are happy to be stationary through the holidays.

i hope you’re having a lovely october!

everyday love preorder

i’m super excited to announce that the pre-order for everyday love, volume two is now open! there are only 50 pre-order copies available of my new 124 page collection – each pre-order comes with an original sketch on the inside cover and a special gift ^_^