guan yin


The last piece in my bodhisattva commission series!



At the beginning of the year I was commissioned to create 3 buddhist illustrations. At first I was incredibly nervous because it was religious. I had never done anything like this and I didn’t want to make any mistakes or missteps. The person who commissioned me wanted to interpret the bodhisattvas in a modern context and with my style. Once I let go of my nerves I really enjoyed the work! One of the benefits of my job is that I learn so much while I work, and in this case I learned about the Earth Store Bodhisattva. I will share the other two bodhisattvas in the coming weeks.

Also, if you’re in San Francisco this weekend I will be vending at the SF Etsy Summer Emporium, come by and say hello!

I hope you have a lovely week!

saturday school – week 6